Which paths do we take into the future, which bridges will carry us? I will accompany you with a focus on quality, integrity and good cooperation.

Marcus Andreas, PhD · Process Support

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Integrative strategies

Let us develop together or take advantage of a focused consulting service to identify and implement relevant aspects of the system.​

Successful projects

Turning good ideas into effective projects - I support you and your team in development and implementation.

Powerful dialogues

I moderate lively workshops and conferences - online and offline - for you to work together effectively and inspired.

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Public actors

Agencies and ministries, counties, inter-municipal associations, regions

Sustainability organisations

Associations, coworking-spaces, foundations, religious institutions and research institutes

Facilitation: Climate Alliance International Conference (CAIC19)
It was a great pleasure to moderate the annual conference of Europeans largest city network dedicated to climate action! More than 150 participants gathered in Rostock from 26-27 September 2019. One of the key questions of the policy session "Climate Emergency: From Words to Action" was how best to act in the face of the climate crisis.

Photo © Karina Köhn/ City of Rostock
Assessments: IKI 2019
The International Climate Initiative (IKI) promotes large, long-term programmes "that aim for the greatest possible transformative ... impact". Together with colleagues such as Kaj Fischer I review(ed) programme outlines as part of the IKI Thematic Call 2019, commissioned by ZUG gGmbH.

Photo [m] © Anastasiia Kamil [M]/ Unsplash
Multi-level climate governance session: "Greener Cities" 2019
For the Seminar Rural Development (SLE) Marcus gave a session in the "Greener Cities" Course 2019, with participants mainly from Zimbabwe and led by Dr. Till Sterzel. Together we created a 'system map' of the climate multi-level system and played it through with questions from the participants.

Logo © SLE
Working elsewhere: CocoNat+
During the pandemic, it became too much (or too little) for me to work alone at home in Berlin. And I missed nature (very much). I am very thankful to the CocoNat-Space for creating a wonderful place, and for daring the experiment of one month 'CoLiving' under sharp corona conditions - great!
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