Marcus Andreas


If I were an engineer, I’d build bridges… because they connect us. An educational scientist and anthropologist by training, I rely on the power of our encounter and diversity to shape transformation. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) hereby serve as orientation. I work both in Germany and internationally.

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Facilitate cooperation

as a bridge builder

Future-oriented topics are best dealt with together. As a process designer and facilitator, I led strategic dialogues at adelphi and supported horizontal (e.g. between municipalities) and vertical cooperation (e.g. between political levels), e.g. as:

  • Country Manager Philippines, “Vertical Integration and Learning for Low-Emission Development in Africa and Southeast Asia” (V-LED), 2015-2019
  • Coordinator International Conference on Climate Action (ICCA), 2015
  • Project manager “Climate Dialogue”, 2014-2012

Supporting impact

as a project developer and lead

I co-developed and/ or managed projects within the National, European and International Climate Initiatives (NKI, EUKI, IKI) such as:

  • Lead project developer “V-LED+”, 2019
  • Lead project developer “LAND-KREIS-GEMEINDE”, 2019
  • Project developer and team member “Climate-friendly investment – municipal divestment and re-investment”, 2018-2019
  • Lead project developer and lead “Counties in the lead!”, 2016-2018

Optimise processes/ projects

as a consultant and assessor

We advised counties on their involvement of municipalities in their climate mitigation activities.

As a reviewer I worked for the living laboratory/ Reallabore funding lines of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg (2015-19) and for the International Climate Initiative (IKI) (2019+20).


Current further education

  • Systemic Constellations (2020-21)
  • Design Thinking for Sustainability (2019)
  • certified: U.Lab: Leading from the Emerging Future (2018)
  • certified: Coach for Local Climate Action (2017)

Research & studies

As an education scientist, I specialised in the cooperation of teams and within organizations; as an anthropologist, I focused on the cultural dimension of sustainability. I co-founded the award-winning association “Research in Community e.V.” to build a bridge between science and grassroots movements.

  • Post-doc on “Green Citizenship” at the Centre for the Humanities, Universiteit Utrecht (2013-2014)
  • PhD in Cultural and Social Anthropology at the LMU Munich (magna cum laude); dissertation on ecovillages (2013)
  • Research stay at UC Berkeley (2010)
  • Research and Communication Associate at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society Munich (2009-2013)
  • Magister Artium in educational sciences at LMU Munich; thesis: Visualization of Complex Systems (2007)


Member of the board of MSP Institute: Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships for Sustainable Development

Co-founder of the for systemic sustainability constellations

Member of the German Federal Association for Climate Protection (BVKS)



Multi-level climate governance:

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Articles and chapters (selection)

Local climate action:

  • Andreas, M. & McClellan, A. 2019. Klimaschutz im Portfolio. In Der Neue Kämmerer 2: 10.
  • Andreas, M. 2015. Noch immer zwei Welten: Kommunaler Klimaschutz zwischen Gemeinschaft und Gemeinde. In Oya 35: 79-81. Link

Regional governance:

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Methods and formats:

  • von Stillfried, N., Andreas, M. & Lüschen, T. 2020 (forthcoming). Mit den Stimmen der Mitwelt: Nachhaltigkeitsaufstellungen in professionellen Kontexten. In Nazarkiewicz, K. & Bourquin, P. (Eds.): Themenbuch Praxis der Systemaufstellung 2020. Göttingen: V&R.
  • Andreas, M. 2015. From What to How: Encouraging dialogue on municipal climate action. In Huffington Post, 12.08.15. Link



  • Andreas, M. 2015. Vom neuen guten Leben: Ethnographie eines Ökodorfes. Bielefeld: transcript. Link
  • Andreas, M. & Wagner, F. (Hg.) 2012. Realizing Utopia: Ecovillage endeavors and academic approaches. München: RCC. Link

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